The Wine Wars Podcast was started as a fun, laid back, simple way for the Wine Wars crew to study wine. Each episode will focus on a topic, perhaps a specific grape, region, wine maker, or wine expert, and then break down the complexity of that topic to what is important. All the while keeping in mind that it's just grape juice and should not be taken so seriously. Plus STAR WARS talk! Because, who doesn't like Star Wars?

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Living that bubbles life… but sometimes eating miso from the container.

Twitter: @annespectator 


Romance, comedy & fantasy author. Part-time cowgirl. Full-time Corgi mom. Drinker of wine and drinker of life.

Twitter: @emighcannaday


Loves IPA. Hates Syrah. Musician. Still has an egg for his twitter profile picture. WSET Level 2. 

Twitter: @jjsheridan


Millennial (sorry). Musician. Hobby wine maker. Resident Wine Nerd. WSET Level 2.   

Twitter: @ambientswelling