Map courtesy of WineFolly

Map courtesy of WineFolly

Just because it is summer, 90 degrees, and 85% humidity outside doesn’t mean you’re wine selection must be limited to white’s and rose’s. Some red wines are destine for the cookout at the park. Such as today’s 2013 Monastrell by Castaño.

First off, a bit of info on the Monastrell grape. If you don’t recognize the name don’t feel bad. You probably know this grape under the name Mourvèdre. Like many grapes, a many different style of wine can be produced from this varietal including Dry Red, Rose, Fortified and it’s even used in Spain’s version of Champagne called Cava.

Although it is better known under it’s French name this grape likely originated in Spain, which is where today’s wine is from, the Yecla D.O. of Spain. Nearly half of all Monastrell grapes are grown in Spain, with 1/4 of 1% being from the Castaño vineyards. Being located in the south eastern region of Spain, this gives the grape plenty of sunshine and warmth to ensure this temperamental grape does not succumb to disease.

I was able to pick up this wine for $9 and it is a wonderful bottle for that price. With many Spanish wines, this highlights the terroir and exemplifies Black Pepper, Licorice and Red Fruit on the nose and pallet, although it is more noticeable on the nose. The wine is dry, tannic and has high acid, making it great for that outdoor barbecue and picnic.

Scott CannadayComment