02 - Chardonnay

"I like big butter and I cannot lie" - @AnneSpectator


Chardonnay is as versatile of a varietal as you can find. Winemakers have seemingly infinite choices to make when it comes to this grape. Oak or no Oak? Buttery or Crisp? The Wine Warriors will walk you through all of it. #leesitalone #thatsgoodpod #juicyripepeach

Wine reviewed in this episode:

2012 - Schild Estate - Unoaked Chardonnay

2012 - Guenoc - Chardonnay

2013 - Domaine Lafage "Novellum" - Chardonnay

In this week's Wine Wars Word de Jour, Scott explains how "Sur Lie" gives your wine that big buttery taste.

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