10 - Nebbiolo - (Barolo, Barbaresco, Langhe)

The Wine Wars Birthday Trilogy comes to an exciting conclusion this week when Scott picks Nebbiolo as his splurge grape.  You cannot talk Nebbiolo without talking about the charm and majesty of Piedmont, Italy. A land filled with Truffles and Hazelnuts is also home to Italy's King of wines, Barolo, his Queen, Barbaresco, and their court jester, Langhe.

Anne and Jason tell tales of their trip to the Piedmont and their visit to the Negro winery. The gang discusses a recent article sent in by a listener about Robert Parker Jr. and a new collective of California winemakers who are trying to make unique, quirky wines. Then, tragedy strikes as a wine bottle hits the floor.

Wines Reviewed: 

2012: Negro - Angelin - Langhe

2010: Produttori de Barbaresco - Barbaresco

2009: Paolo Scavino - Monvigliero - Barolo

Then, we have a Meeker Rollercoaster goes off the rails. 

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