13 - Syriah/Shiraz

Tomato/Tomato. Potato/Potato. Syrah/Shiraz. Wait. What was that last one? That's right; as if wine wasn't confusing enough, Syrah and Shiraz are the same grape. So why the different label?

On this week’s show we delve into the world of Syrah/Shiraz. Starting in its home land of Rhone, France and branching out to Australia and Washington State, we see how this grape can be used to make vastly different wines.

Wine's Reviewed in this episode:

Joel Robuchon - Crozes Hermitage - 2010 Syrah (Rhone, France)

The Chook - 2013 Shiraz (Australia) 

Amavi - 2012 Syrah (Washington State)

Scott CannadayComment