40 - Malbec (Mendoza, Argentina and Cahors, France)

Malbec is one of the 6 noble grapes of Bordeaux, France yet, if you see a bottle on a wine list, odds are it will be from Argentina. Malbec thrives in the mountains of Argentina and can produce a big bold wine or, depending on the winemaker’s style, something more nuanced and, well, French. This week the Wine Warriors explore this grape that is growing in popularity and try to pin down what style they prefer.

Wines reviewed in this episode:

2012 – Vina Alicia – Paso de Piedra – Mendoza, Argentina

2010 – Chateau de Hauterive - Chemin de Compostelle – Cahors, France

2013 – Tinto Negro – Limestone Block – Mendoza, Argentina

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