56 - In Pursuit of a 3 Way With Anna and Anna from Landmark Creamery

Anna & Anna from Landmark Creamery stop by the show to help the wine warriors find the fabled ‘3 way pairing’ that Jedi Wine Master Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan discussed in a prior episode. The Anna’s bring in 4 amazing cheeses (including one never before made) to pair with some great wines, resulting in a ‘3 way’ or two. The Anna’s also discuss how they got their start in the world of cheese, how controlling the cooking process gives us all of the variations of cheeses in the world, and what it takes to be a grilled cheese champion.

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Wines reviewed on the show:

Ameztoi - Txakolina paired with Petit Nuage

2012 - Antiche Terre Venete - Amarone Della Valpolicella paired with Pecora Nocciola

2015 - Noella Morantin - Mon Cher paired with Tallgrass Reserve

2011 - Chateau Haut-Mayne paired with Ricotta

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