65 - $12 Red Wine Challenge

Sometimes you just can’t afford to splurge. Sometimes you’ve splurged for too hard for too long. That’s when you need to reach for a trusty bottle of wine that won’t break the bank. On this week’s episode, the Wine Warriors make it their mission to find the best wine’s they can for under $12.

Also, the gang discussed getting drinks at a fancy schmancy restaurant in Madison and give an update on Star Wars news.

Wines reviewed on the show:

2014 - Chateau Ste Michelle - Cabernet Sauvignon

2014 - Mano a Mano - Vino De La Tierra De Castilla

2015 - Pertinace - Barbera D’Alba

2015 - Accentor - Garnacha




Now the story of a family who lost everything and the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together...

A few days ago in a desert not so far away... 

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