74 - Oxygen: Your Friend & Your Enemy

Oxygen is your friend and your enemy. A little bit can bring out the best in a wine. But a bottle that is left open for a little too long can destroy even the most well built of wines. There are many ways to keep your wines fresh after uncorking but what is right for you? On today’s episode Scott outlines four options for you and discusses two of them with their creators. Ryan Fredrickson from ArT Wine Preservation and Cindy Carsello from the SELLO system.

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The Vaccu Vin: An air pump that will pull the oxygen from your wine bottle. Leaving you with that satisfying 'click' to let you know your wine is safe. $8.99


ArT Wine Preserver: By utilizing Argon gas, the Art System protects your wine by creating a protective layer between the oxygen in your bottle and your left over wine. $14.99

The SELLO System: Using an Oxygen scavenger that slips into the neck of your wine bottle, the SELLO system neutralizes the oxygen in the bottle and acts as a no spill pour spout. $49.99


The Coravin: For the uber serious wine enthusiest, the Coravin removes wine from your bottle without removing the cork! Siphon the wine out one glass at a time over many years to find when your wine is peaking. $349.99

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